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This biogas flare is used for combustion of biogas during maintenance or in case of malfunctions.

  • Pre-assembled kit
  • Easy installation by the customer
  • Setup on foundation by customer
  • No need of additional compressor and pressure reducer, therefore
  • no need of additional emergency measures
  • no need of additional periodic inspections by specialized companies
  • Optionally with fan.

We offer a low-pressure emergency gas flare (design approx. 3 to 5 mbar, 5 mbar at nominal volume flow).
Use the advantages of that in operation in many applications:

This emergency gas flare can also be ignited in the event of a complete power failure!

Available in 5 sizes:

150 M

250 M

400 M

850 M

1200 M

Flow rate up to [m³/h]*

~ 80

~ 150

~ 250

~ 500

~ 700

For gas line approx. [kW el.]**

< 150

< 250

< 400

< 850

< 1200

Three variants:

A) Manual ignition (emergency gas flare incl. gas shut-off valve)
B) Electric ignition (push-button semi-automatic) with electrical flame monitoring (as well as manual ignition with
     accompanying flame)
C) Automatic ignition with electrical flame monitoring and control of the gas shut-off valve (full automatic), as well as ignition
     as in variant B possible.
At any time the basic version A can be retrofitted to the versions B and C (semi-automatic and fully automatic).

More information and prices on request:   Phone  0049 5132 588 663  or  info(ed)
Gas flare example at building even without tensioning cable

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